Actionable, finished intelligence to track actors and prevent attacks before they happen

Comprehensive solution to protect corporate network, hunt for threats and respond to even the most complex cyber attacks

Client-side digital identity protection and fraud prevention in real time

AI-driven online platform for external digital risk identification and mitigation

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Welcome to JATOBA Security

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We offer wide range of Network Security solutions

Optimize strategic, operational and tactical decision making with best-in-class threat intelligence

Introducing Threat Intelligence & Attribution

Adversary-centric detection of targeted attacks and unknown threats for IT and OT environments


Threat Hunting Framework (THF) is your local center for research, detection, and response

Block, detonate and hunt for the most advanced email threats with patented email security technology.

Think you're secure? Atmosphere features a fully automated test built on knowledge about real tools and techniques used by the most advanced adversaries. See where you really stand.

Client-side digital identity protection and fraud prevention in real time


Keep your business and customers secure from all online fraud risks

AI-driven digital risk identification and mitigation platform


All-in-one solution designed to mitigate external digital risks to your company’s intellectual property and brand


Why Choose Us

Any Emergency

  • We collaborate with a global threat hunting and adversary-centric cyber intelligence company that specializes in investigating and preventing hi-tech cybercrimes
  • We monitor and rapidly respond to any misuse of your brand
  • We identify and eliminate internet sales channels and sources of counterfeit goods
  • We provide a wide range of services designed to test whether your staff and partners are ready for a real-world attack.
  • Network Security infrastructure implementation

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