Introducing Threat Intelligence & Attribution

The first line of defense shouldn’t be your infrastructure. Gain unparalleled insight into adversaries targeting your organization, partners, or clients with high-fidelity threat intelligence from Group-IB. Prevent, deter and defeat attacks by analyzing and attributing cyberattacks, hunting for threats, and fortifying network infrastructure.

Unparalleled strategic intelligence

Understand threat trends and anticipate attacks with thorough knowledge of your threat landscape. Group-IB provides strategic decision makers with precise, tailored and reliable information enabling leadership teams to become more data driven.

Gain powerful insights with Group-IB’s best-in-class technology to enhance decision making

  • Improve risk management and ensure compliance
  • Develop a cost effective protection strategy
  • Raise stakeholders awareness and encourage proactiveness
  • Increase team efficiency

Vital operational intelligence

Prepare and defend against threats with detailed insight into attacker behaviours and infrastructure. Group-IB provides the most comprehensive insight into past, present and future attacks targeting your business, industry, partners and clients.

Improve operational efficiency with high fidelity threat intelligence

  • Streamline threat hunting and response
  • Improve alert triage and incident analysis by tracking adversaries
  • Prepare defenses by testing resilience with knowledge of relevant threats
  • Prioritize patching and improve vulnerability management

Exceptional tactical intelligence

Prioritise threat detection and hunting activities by augmenting internal alerts and event notifications with external threat information. Group-IB provides unique insight into the tools, tactics and processes used by adversaries giving your teams the best possible insight into attacks.

Integrate into existing security tools and workflows to improve performance

  • Prevent breaches and attacks development
  • Enrich indicators of compromise with unique intelligence
  • Identify optimal counter measures and streamline incident response
  • Improve fraud detection and prevention

Maximize security posture with Group-IB

Managed investigations

Group-IB offers more than the most innovative threat intelligence infrastructure. Our dedicated team of analysts and investigators work with customers, partners and law enforcement to understand threats better than anyone else. This enables us to augment the data we provide with indispensable insights and provide managed investigation services that can’t be found elsewhere.

Incident response service

Group-IB goes beyond other threat intelligence services with managed detection and incident response. Our dedicated team of highly experienced responders can support you at any moment to open communications with cybercriminals, attribute attacks and coordinate law enforcement.

Customized intelligence

Threat landscapes are mapped based on each organization’s industry, size and unique needs

Attack attribution

Insights are enriched with attributes about attack initiators, their motives and tools

The leading threat intelligence solution

Financial benefits and ROI 2021

Independent Forrester evaluation determines how Group-IB Threat Intelligence & Attribution implementation affects companies’ revenue and savings.

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